Monday, February 28, 2011

Color Magick and Its Properites

Will be amended to as needed, but a great start! 

Magickal Correspondence
BlackGrounding, wisdom, learning, protection, safety, reversing, uncrossing, unhexing, repelling black magick, banishing negativity, releasing, shapeshifting, defense, scrying, pride
BlueCommunication, will power, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, truth, fidelity, patience, domestic harmony, organization, removing bad vibrations, sincerity, astral projection, water element
BrownHouse blessing, animal/pet magick, earth magick, concentration, material goods, stability, locating lost objects, earth element, real estate, construction, food, financial crisis
CopperBusiness success, passion, money, fertility, career growth
GoldMasculine divinity (male god), great fortune, abundance, prosperity, male energy, understanding, divination, fast luck, solar/sun energy, positive attitude, justice, health, attraction, luxury
GrayLoneliness, glamour, contemplation,
Prosperity, abundance, money, physical & emotional healing, growth, luck, marriage, tree/plant magick, acceptance, weather, counteract envy/greed/jealousy
IndigoSpiritual guidance, psychic ability, stop gossip/lies, dignity, divination, meditation, ambition, overcome depression
Lavender     Knowledge, intuition
Light BlueSpirituality, tranquility, peace, protection
OrangeCreativity, self-expression, intellectual matters, overcoming addiction, legal matters/justice, joy, business success, ambition, vitality, fun, action, opportunity, celebration, investments
PinkLove, compassion, nurturing, feminity, friendship, romance, partnership, spiritual & emotional healing, protection of children, domestic harmony, self-improvement, maturity
PurpleWisdom, influence, spiritual power, contact with spirits, drive away evil, change luck, independence, government, break habit
RedPassion, vitality, lust, strength, survival, fertility, courage, sexual potency, mercy, action, danger, war, fire element, conflict, sports, independence, assertiveness, competition
SilverFeminine divinity (goddess), stability, psychic awareness, intuition, dreams, victory, meditation, communication, moon magick, gambling luck
VioletSpirituality, connection to higher self, Goddess, insight, clarity, tension
WhiteAll purpose, unity, purity, cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, healing, innocence, rain, magick involving young children, truth, consecration, balancing the aura
Pleasure, success, happiness, learning, memory, concentration, persuasion, inspiration, imagination, solar magick, charm, confidence, air element, travel, flexibility

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Link To Us @ The Rainforest Site

Link To Us @ The Rainforest Site

2007 An Angel in Ireland

Tarot Readings / Religious and Spiritual Beliefs - A Brief Introduction

Hello there!  I have been setting up shop in my new home and have appreciated the patience you have had with scheduling times.  I have narrowed down my working decks to around 25.  These decks are fabulous, as I have been collecting for 15 years.  The subject manner is from the Traditional Rider Waite, 52 regular playing cards, Angels, Crystals, Goddesses, Flora and Fauna, Ancient Mythology (heavily Celtic), Faeries, and colors just to name a few. There are also some old decks that are in foreign languages (namely French and German), which I primarily use for people with these strong European ties.

I constantly change up decks when doing readings, using at least 3 different decks per session.  I feel that using this variety gives me the most accurate answers you seek. Especially good if you are looking for affirmation when a deck reveals something to which you are unsure, the next deck will give you the same answer perhaps in a way that resonates better.  I do some automatic writing and dowsing to be sure that I am on the right path, and sometimes blurt out messages or thoughts out of the blue- they usually mean something to you and not me.  I just tell you what I pick up.

My religious beliefs are fundamentally Judeo-Christian, and was raised Protestant.  I have working knowledge of Catholicism, and call on their Saints for intercession quite frequently.  I believe in one God , the creator, which is bigger than male or female, and far too big to be pigeonholed into one religion.  I also believe there is good and evil in this world and in other dimensions.  I like Buddhist teachings, Taoist, Baha'i, and Shinto beliefs as well.  There are just too many religious beliefs out there, so I constantly study and research looking for positive aspects to take with me.

I also believe there are fabulous stories, songs, and rituals that celebrate the Universe and its inhabitants.  Shamanism and Pagan beliefs are so incredibly fascinating.  What makes me laugh is how people blindly follow one religious aspect rigidly, having no idea that their rituals and prayers, temples are pagan based (the very religions they love to vilify).

Anyway, thanks for reading a bit about my background.

Believe me there's lots more from where that came!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ravenstar Investigations

I am resuming house investigations/clearings now that my move has been completed.  Looking forward to helping those who say, "you're not going to believe this!"  Believe me you are not crazy friend.  Sending out love and protection to all- Best Regards- Mimi