Monday, April 29, 2013

The Magic of Color!

The Magic of Color

Stylists, decorators, and designers will all tell you how important color is in your life....whether it is your clothing, your walls, or your hair. Colors can change your mood, make you more or less productive, make you feel glamorous or girly  or change the energy of a room. Colors have a life and language of their own, and affect every nuance of our life. 

Colors are an amazing tool in depicting a person's personality and preferences. Just think, when you see someone in head-to-toe black, you think "Gothic", and a woman in a pastel pink suit looks soft and feminine. 

A kitchen with red walls is a great place to gather - it inspires energy and conversation. 

Hospitals often paint their waiting rooms a light blue or green, which promotes feelings of calm and healing.

Color is used metaphysically in many ways. Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a type of holistic medicine in which ailments are treated with the use of colors. It is a widely practiced branch of Ayurvedic medicine which has its origins dating back to the ancient times. 

Reiki practitioners and crystal healers use colored crystals and gemstones to balance the chakra centers of the body, which themselves correspond to a particular color. 

Many datebooks and planners used by metaphysical practitioners have a 'color of the day', which corresponds to the time of year and that day's important astrological events. 

Candle magic and other spell work relies heavily on the use of color to empower the ritual and its results. Whether you realize it or not, you even emanate color. 

Those who can see or read auras see people with an external cloud of color, and can read mental, emotional, and even physical health based on the colors present in that aura.

It is accepted scientific fact that each color is associated with vibrational frequency, and color can, in fact, be associated with a unique musical note.

So, which colors mean what, and how can we use this information in our daily life? 

White - purity, peace, and virginity. In magic, it also represents the Goddess, and can be substituted for any other color.

Black - protection, repels negativity. In magic it is used in binding, banishing, and shape shifting.

Brown - favors and friendship. Brown is the color of earth, and promotes grounding and calmness.

Silver - money, intuition, psychic abilities and neutralize the negative. In magic, it is used to represent the Goddess, the moon, and female energy. 

Purple - psychic ability, gain knowledge, influence and spiritual power. In magic, purple is often used for divination and psychic workings.

Blue - wisdom, calmness, good fortune, opening communications, and inspiration. It magic, blue represents the element of water.

Green - healing, prosperity, money and growth. In magic, green represents the element of earth, tree and plant magic, and for financial workings.

Pink - friendship, affection, romance, good will and nurturing.In magic, pink is often used in romantic workings, and those for planetary good will.

Red - love, passion, strength, lust, power, and career goals. In magic, red represents the elements of fire, and is used in spells that require fast action.

Orange - justice, sales, and general success. Orange is often used in magic to assist with legal matters, and success rituals of all types.

Gold - money, winning, and happiness. In magic, gold is used to represent male power, the sun, and the God.

Yellow - intelligence, memory, and learning. Yellow is used in magic to represent the element of Air, the Sun, and to break mental or emotional blocks.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Hawk Totem

The Hawk
If a hawk shows up, it means:
You are caught up in too many details, so step back so you can get a greater perspective on the situation. Stay alert and focused on the task before you, eliminating as many distractions as possible. Spend time observing and studying the situation, and when it is time for action, make it quick an decisive. Pay close attention to your surroundings as you are about to receive an important message. Be aware of any personal or psychic attacks, and be prepared to defend yourself. Stop trying to change others or the situation and work instead on accepting things as they are.........