Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gaia Stone- From Mount St. Helen's

Mount St.Helen's Green Obsidian

Gaia Stone is Green Obsidian from volcanic ash of Mt. St. Helen's, and carries strong Earth energy, even the 'Soul of the Earth'. Gaia Stone is especially good for self-healing emotional wounds and past traumas. It is a 'Stone of the Goddesses' enhancing Goddess connection, connection with Earth and Earth devas. It also brings prosperity, luck, abundance and wealth. Gaia Stone is primarily associated with the heart chakra, but can also be used to harmonize all the chakras.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Moon's Powers, Moods, and Healing

Some suspect that the flow of blood responds to the gravitational tug of the Moon.
Believers in the power of the Moon consider dental care and elective surgery unwise around the times of the full Moon because of the risk of increased bleeding. (Civil War doctors noted greater blood flow during a flood tide.)
Do you get the blues on Mondays? Maybe you're engaging in the wrong activities. Literally, the "Moon's day," Monday in legend and lore is auspicious for peace and happiness, raising spirits of the dead, and other activities. So if it's Monday, shoot for the Moon!

Mood Swings

Both men and women are subject to mood swings of varied degree. Some men are susceptible to high mood swings, while others experience low mood swings and still few others relatively mild or no mood swings:

1. A high degree of sexual arousal is experienced in women; in the case of men the sexuality could turn out to be fairly violent. Sometimes they tend to use force on sexual partners or masturbate. Making sex during this time does not give mutual satisfaction to partners

2. Generally the Moon influences the endocrine system; Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thyroid, Adrenal, Thymus, Pineal , Prostrate, Pancreas glands together with Gonad, Sex and Sweat glands are all impacted by the Moon. Furthermore, vital organs, nerves, blood cells, and body cells are also affected by the Moon

3. The energy produced within the body system experiences see-saw pattern; consequently either you brim with vitality or complain about loss of concentration

4. The aspect of criminality raises its head; surprisingly more crimes take place during bright Moon than dark Moon

5. More people get into injury or cause injury on others; those who are prone to accidents and falls have tendency to suffer more

6. Emotional instability is yet another disturbance caused by the Moon especially in those who are engaged in stressful jobs and vocations or having competitive lifestyle

7. Mentally retarded children would experience fall in their cognitive ability, while those who are insane or on the borderline might engage in madder actions than ever.