Saturday, March 5, 2011

One of the Oldest castles in Ireland to stay- And yes, there are ghosts!!!

Smarmore Castle- Ardee Ireland

Smarmore Castle has been described as one of the top five places to sleep in Meath and Louth in the current edition of the Lonely Planet guidebook. This guide describes the castle as follows:
“One part medieval fortress and one part luxurious country home, this 14 th-century castle has been converted into a very smart boutique hotel. The six rooms, from the four-postered Viscount’s room in the castle tower to the family-friendly Count’s room, all offer a range of experiences, from courtly Knight to country gent. There’s also a pretty decent fitness centre on the premises. It is situated 6km south of Ardee.”

This is the Earl's Room- Very cozy during the day with views out the front lawn and courtyard/paddock.  Now at night, some very noisy and active ghosties got my attention--- EVERY NIGHT FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT!!  I shared this room with Dr. Ethel Linville (Atlanta, GA) who can corroborate all my tales.
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Ireland Castle Accommodation - Louth Accommodation

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