Friday, March 4, 2011

The New Moon and its significance

It seems Earth's Moon has been worshiped since the beginning of time. Its powerful pull on the Earth  affects weather, tides in our oceans. Many believe since the human body is made up of 80% water, then we as flora and fauna are also under its gravitational influence.

The New Moon is when the sky is at its darkest- you cannot see the moon from the Earth and this happens every 28 days.  Because the sky is void of it's largest nighttime luminary, people make decisions on what they want to cast off. Individuals use rituals, say prayers, or execute plans of action.  

The best cliche I can use to reinforce this point is;
"Out with the old, in with the NEW."  

(This saying is a reference to the moon phases in case you didn't already know.)

I say-" When the moon is away, my new life starts today!"

Personally, I make a mental list leading up to the new moon, and think about what negative aspects are in my life that I would like to cast off to beyond all space and time- then start on a course for changes when the moon is not in the sky.  

This is a good exercise for those who like being mindful or present in their life each day.  Junk can accumulate and weigh us down.  It is nice to know at night if there is no moon in the sky, you are reminded to empty the trash in your lives as well.  At the same time new opportunities need to be considered.  The New Moon is when you make statements on how your life should be, where you want to attract personal growth and gain something in your life both tangible and intangible.

Listed are some things people do when the moon is "New."
- look for lost items
- start a new relationship or romance
- change hair color, or style
- buy a new house 
fix your car 
buy clothes 
- bring home a new pet (animals are the easiest to handle during this moon phase)
- get a loan
- hire an employee

Farmers/Gardeners can use this rule of thumb during a new moon-to a waxing moon

Transplanting-  trees, bushes, or seedlings

Planting crops/flowers that grow above the soil

Remember, the New Moon is used for personal growth, healing, the blessing of a new project.

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