Sunday, June 5, 2011

Greek Deities


God of beauty, love, romance, sexualtiy, abundance, empowerment, healing, fertility, plants


Goddess of love, romance, passion, lovers, fertility, feminine beauty, flowers, empowerment


God of the sun, enrichment, magical power, creative arts, inspiration, wisdom, healing, protection, divination


The muse of history, writing, archives, ancestry, inspiration, enrichment, lore


Mother goddess of abundance, fertility, prosperity, rebirth, renewal, creativity, plants, protection, matrimony, empowerment


Mother goddess of the seasons, abundance, fertility, love, healing, empowerment, enrichment


Goddess of love, fertility, sexuality, matrimony, childbirth, motherhood, abundance, empowerment


God of communication, creative arts, business, travel, messages, inspiration, protection, enrichment, magical power


God of love, romance, passion, fertility, matrimony, enrichment, abundance, prosperity, wealth, healing, protection, knowledge, wisdom, empowerment, hospitality

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