Thursday, June 2, 2011

Larimar- helps calm fiery situations

Also known as Blue Pectolite or Dolphin Stone, Larimar is closely connected with the powers of elemental Water. Cooling, cleansing and calming this stone is particularly useful for people with a hot temper or fiery nature. A piece of Larimar in a bowl of consecrated water can be used to bring cleansing and healing power to the liquid which can then be used to wash objects or people during ritual. However, the simplest way to benefit from the energy of Larimar is to lie back and relax in the bath with a piece of the stone. A powerful healing stone, Larimar is very useful for fighting infections and other ‘hot’ conditions, or for cleansing the body of memories and old traumas that are preventing full health. Believed to correct chemical imbalances and help heal mental illnesses. Eases anger and turbulent emotions and brings peace and mental calm.

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