Saturday, April 9, 2011

Archangel Chamuel and finding a new career

Archangel Chamuel on Finding the Career of Your Dreams: 

There are many people wondering everyday, “Am I in the right career for myself”? 

Well, let’s ask your body that. How does your body feel when you’re at work? Is it light, excited, heavy, or indifferent?

Let your body tell you what career is right for you. You picked a certain body-type based off your career choice that you planned before this life. Many people find that their body feels heavy when at their job. This indicates a separation between the career of their dreams and the career they’re currently in.

It’s easier than you think to change careers. 

Your Soul would not have picked a career that doesn’t work for you financially, mentally, and physically. When you begin to manifest the career of your dreams, things simply begin to happen like magic. When you make the choice to let go and transition to your Soul’s path, magic happens. 

Simply ask for help and tell God that you’re ready to do this. 

Do not give up on your faith; you came here to do something special. Ask to be placed onto your path with gentleness and ease

With the energy shifts taking place on Earth, many are feeling drawn to move into work that is more creative. People want to spend more time on their hobbies than their day-job. Our hobbies are often the pursuits of our Soul. Our spiritual-selves are calling us, asking for something more. When we give time and attention to our creative side, we’re giving time and attention to our Spirit..


Anonymous said...

Opportunities…..Do you feel like you have to create opportunities for yourself? Do you create the door, open the door, and then walk through it, all on your own? What if instead you let God or the Universe create the door, open the door, and then all you had to do was walk through it?

Mimi Louiso said...

It works both ways- most importantly is to listen to your intuition and your guides, angels can help direct you. Sometimes if you don't have the answer it is best to wait until you you've thought it through, or meditate until you get some answers.
Thank you for your remarks. Namaste