Saturday, April 9, 2011

Feline Energy and how it affects Humans

Energy of Domestic Cats and how they can help humans-

Cats help Humans with balance. Humans can be in many places at once (energetically); cats can also do this. We help Humans come back to themselves and be present. Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you have a cat sitting on your lap? Notice how you feel differently when a cat sits on your lap. You may have been thinking of six different things when it came to sit with you but then your focus narrows and becomes more pointed.

When you go to bed at night and a cat sleeps around your head it’s to help you have better sleep and dreams. You emit lots of energy from your head. Again, they are helping with refocusing your energy. When you lay down to sleep, you might be plugged-into six different topics and they can help narrow it down to two.

Cats also help with foresight- in other words, they can see what’s coming next into your life. Cats are travelers. 

Humans sometimes get stuck and think they can’t move forward. Cats help guide you to see what’s upcoming in your life.

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