Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Amber and some of its properties

Gold, green, orange, red, brown, black
Although it is an organic material, amber is valued as a gemstone. Sometimes insects or even small mammals may be found in the fossilized resin. 
Helps clear the mind
Gives mental clarity 
Helps Inner peace 
Promotes optimism and enhances strength and motivation
Protects against negativity.
Detoxifies the body from certain types of radiation. 

A gift of amber is a gift of healing.

Amber resin smells really good- a small piece (like the size of a piece of rice) placed in your car gives off a nice vanilla type fragrance that is soothing- I have yet to meet a person that doesn't like the smell of this resin. I have a teeny piece that sits in my ashtray and when the car gets hot, it smells GREAT!!!!

Found in many regions but best known specimens are the deposits from the Baltic and Dominican Republic.

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