Thursday, May 12, 2011

Very Common Crystals/Gems and their attributes

Amber - Love, Luck, Healing, Protection
Amethyst - Happiness, Healing, Love, Peace, Protection, Psychic Work
Aventurine - Healing, Luck, Money, Peace
Carnelian - Healing, Peace, Protection
Citrine - Protection, Psychic Work
Diamond - Healing, Peace, Protection, Spirituality
Emerald - Love, Money, Protection, Psychic Work
Garnet - Healing, Protection
Hematite - Divination, Grounding, Healing
Jade - Healing, Love, Money
Lapis Lazuli - Healing, Protection, Psychic Work
Malachite - Love, Peace, Power, Protection, Success
Moonstone - Divination, Love, Protection, Psychic Work
Obsidian - Divination, Grounding, Peace, Protection
Pearl - Love, Luck, Money, Protection
Peridot - Healing, Money, Protection
Clear Quartz - Healing, Protection, Psychic Work, Power - Use clear quartz to boost the power of any spell
Rose Quartz - Happiness, Love, Peace
Ruby - Money, Power, Protection
Salt - Grounding, Money, Protection, Purification
Tigers Eye - Money, Protection, Love, Divination

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